Quality Assurance
The Company acts as its clients’ on-site representative and works directly with customers to ensure that the quality and integrity of their products is maintained and their lead times are met. Our strong project management experience combined with our HoChiMinh City location, intimate knowledge of Vietnam, and first-hand experience with many Vietnamese industries’ production capabilities and quality practices ensures an in-depth understanding of how to synthesize our clients’ needs with Vietnam’s realities.

The company has a team of experienced quality inspectors with years of experience who monitor the production process from the selection of the raw materials to the loading of the goods. Our long experience and background in the industry gives us access to the best of experienced and reputed manufacturers.
The company gives first preference to the nominated suppliers by the clients or else the company decides the best in the business. We check the quality of products as per its own standards but in special cases it gets the quality checked by internationally recognized inspection, verification, testing and certification company such as Bureau Veritas or SGS. Our well trained and professional team close monitors progress of all programs on daily basis to keep a watch and maintain high standards of quality product output. Such environment of working provides value for money to the customer at competitive prices and timely delivery.

The main objective of our Company is to reduce the buyer’ risk by keeping the following issues on our agenda of work:
1. To introduce manufacturer who is capable of manufacturing as per buyer’ requirements;
2. To check production capacities and quality capabilities of manufacturers;
3. To make the factory and social accountability Audit;
4. To ensure that the quality is built into the product and manufacturing processes;
5. To check the correct material and component are used for production;
6. To check quality at start of production;
7. To check conformity as per samples and order during production;
8. To inspect quality, quantity, packing prior to shipment;
9. To witness loading of inspected consignment;
10. To carry out other special instruction of buyers;

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